Saturday, 13 August 2011

2011 gift swap

I'm forward planning here for - gulp - Christmas! - did I really say that?! 

I have several male relatives to buy for this Christmas. I thought I'd try something different this year - swapping Mosaic Tree items with other crafters' products for Christmas gifts! I'm looking for items £5-£15 and will happily swap my same price items (more than one to bring it up to the equivalent value if need be). Each person would pay for their own p&p. 

Check out the photo albums at to get an idea of what I create - and prices (and a selection of Mosaic Tree products) are at

Please message me on facebook ( if you're interested and have some ideas for swaps (don't worry if all the possible swaps don't work out - I've got to bear in mind the personal tastes of the gift recipients).  I'll keep folks posted of any swaps via Mosaic Tree blog.

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