Friday, 23 March 2012

what I'm working on at present - mini hot water bottle covers

The next craft fair is on Sat 31st March 2012, so the knitting needles have been busy, busy, busy.

Here's some pics of the two mini hot water bottle covers that I've been creating - hot water bottle included in the price!

There's lots of detail in the work, created using my own design.  I start at the opening, making the button holes.  I then knit the rest of the first side, shaping at the neck of the water bottle.  Next come the holes to thread the ribbon through (knit two together and then yarn over to make another stitch). 

Single rib follows for the top of the water bottle cover to ensure that it stretches over the top. 

The second half is the same pattern minus the additional flap for the button holes.  I then create my design to attach to the front, such as a heart, and sew this on. 

The buttons go on next.  It's then sewn up - not forgetting to leave the bottom bit open so that the water bottle can be put in!!

Last but not least is the ribbon - I thread it through with the needle with the biggest eye that I can find!  Once in situ, I then fold over and catch the ribbon ends to prevent fraying.

Tie the ribbon for the final touch and then take some fab pics!

If you would like to order one (every one is unique), please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

*****Stop press*****

A lovely lady from Bristol bought the red and blue one at yesterday's Wookey Village Fair.  She fell in love with it, promised that she'd give it away as a pressie.......whilst being equally sure that she loved it too much to ever part with it!!