Tuesday, 23 August 2011

spiral brooches - for that 'to the rescue pressie' moment

Do you ever have unexpected visitors who drop by and present you with a gift?  You stand there in blind panic, desperately trying to think of something that you could give them?  No, there's definiteily nothing suitable in the bag full of bric-a-brac under the stairs destined for the recycling shop.  Any unopened pots of homemade jam?  Nope, they were finished long ago.  Running out of ideas?  Well, never fear, buy one of these to pop in your top drawer so that it will there should any emergency arise?

Every spiral brooch is unique.  Handknitted, edged in a contrasting colour and finished off with a button in the middle.  Metal pin secured to the back.

Got a particular colour combination in mind?  Please get in touch as I'd like to help!


  1. They are very cute and I love the colours.

  2. OOoh gorgeous! Thanks for joining me by the way!