Wednesday, 6 July 2011

M-Tree Ted Makes Guest Appearance at Its Darling Fair (Bath) on 16th July 2011

Fans are already starting to camp out at the Guildhall in Bath in preparation for meeting M-Tree Ted when he makes a rare public appearance at the Mosaic Tree stall in Bath on 16th July 2011.  The event?  Its Darling Vintage & Artisan Fair - the only thing which should be in everyone's calendar this month!

The Mosaic Tree blog team managed to track M-Tree Ted down for an interview.  They caught up with him relaxing at his home in Somerset.  Here's what he had to say......

Hi MTree Ted.  How did you get involved with Mosaic Tree?

I first got involved about a year ago.  Up til then, I'd spent most of my time chillaxing with the other toys at home but I had reached the point in my life where I was looking for something more.  One day, Annie (one of the Mosaic Tree crafters) was looking for a model for the baby hats.  I volunteered and havn't looked back..

Describe a typical day when you're modelling for Mosaic Tree.

I'll arrive on set early and always start the day with a cuppa.  Usually I'll be booked for a 9am make over.   I'll then spend half an hour or so with Annie and the photographer going through the baby hats to model, suggesting poses, checking out the best shoots etc.  After a quick break, we'll then get down to it.  We'll usually be finished by lunch time.  I then have a chat with the fans that have congregated - most of them I've met on line through facebook ( but its always nice to meet people face to face.

What's the best bit about modelling?

Its got to be the great places that I get to visit on location.  There are some fantastic historic sites across Somerset.  I guess that I enjoy getting up and having a sense of achievement at the end of each day.  Also, a percentage of the proceeds from some of Mosaic Tree's hat sales are given to the Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity that helps homeless/vulnerable young people. 

Any advice for other aspiring Teddy models?

Go for it - only you can make your dreams come true.

Thanks for the interview M-Tree Ted.

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