Friday, 22 July 2011

Wooden beaded bracelets

These bracelets - wooden beads threaded onto craft elastic - come as a pair.  Lots of scope for wearing individually or together depending on your mood, your outfit....

The perfect gift too.  Buy them, pop them away in a drawer and they'll be there ready and waiting for that birthday that you nearly forgot...pop them in the post and, hey presto, problem solved.

For more info, follow this link to the Mosaic Tree on line shop.


  1. Lovely bracelets and perfect for kids too xx Come and see me over at

  2. great bracelets, fab colours and so versatile aswell.xx

  3. @Hekate01 - thanks or feedback - yes, we were thinking abot kiddies too but need to make them a wee bit smaller.

    @Tillyflops - thank you for your lovely feedback. x