Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fun 'n' stitch!

Feeling creative recently, I tried out some new knitting stitches from a knitting book.  Being pleased with the results, I decided to incorporate them into some of my latest items.

Showcasing below is King Charles Brocade on the front of the mini hot water bottle:

This took lots of concentration until I'd done a few rows....and then it seemed to be a bit like crazy paving until the final result when I could stand back and see that there was a perfectly formed pattern in there!

Next up is rick rack rib stitch which brings a whole new dimension to what you and I call rib stitch.  Fun to do and looks good. Take a peep at the phone cover in the foreground.

What new stitches have your tried of late that have worked for you?

hot tip - make every day buttons more exciting

When you're searching around for a button to finish off your latest creation, take another look at the every day ones which you may have already cast aside.

On the top they look very traditional and not too inspiring.....

Now, here's the thing....turn them over and they are completely flat and have a slightly sparkly finish.  Its a great way to recycle buttons and know that they're looking good too.

The blue one shows the difference most clearly.  Do go and have a look at the reverse side of some of your buttons like these and tell me what you find.....