Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fun 'n' stitch!

Feeling creative recently, I tried out some new knitting stitches from a knitting book.  Being pleased with the results, I decided to incorporate them into some of my latest items.

Showcasing below is King Charles Brocade on the front of the mini hot water bottle:

This took lots of concentration until I'd done a few rows....and then it seemed to be a bit like crazy paving until the final result when I could stand back and see that there was a perfectly formed pattern in there!

Next up is rick rack rib stitch which brings a whole new dimension to what you and I call rib stitch.  Fun to do and looks good. Take a peep at the phone cover in the foreground.

What new stitches have your tried of late that have worked for you?


  1. both really lovely items! The stitches look complicated :) I cant knit but would love to learn... I love sewing but I'm addicted to my machine! I dont do enough hand stitching really so I'm not great with stitch techniques. Do you have any tips about a good (simple) place to start knitting? Amz (folksy) x

  2. Hi Amy - I'm the opposite to you - I'm not great on the needlecraft side of things - I have a sewing machine that has still to see the light of day! My best advice is to buy a 'how to knit' children's book to get you started and then to watch videos on you tube about different stitches. Anything small with straight sides is a good start - you can then fold it and stitch up both sides to make a small case or similar. Use wool and big needles to join sides together. There are 2 basic stictches - purl and knit - these are the bulding blocks for stocking stitch, rib etc. Rib is effective - and stretchy! Decorate with buttons etc, blanket stitch in a different colour yarn along edges to add interest etc - probably lots of the kind of things that you already do with your needlework.

    Good luck and keep me posted.