Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mosaic Tree blog interview by Its Darling Vintage & Artisan Fair

Just blogging here about a Mosaic Tree blog interview on....well....another blog!  It all makes perfect sense - Its Darling Vintage & Artisan Fair is promoting the stall holders at their next event in Bath - Sat 16th July 9.30am onwards at The Guild Hall. 

And here it is in all its fine glory....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meet the summer stallholders….coffee break with Mosaic Tree

There's not long to go until our Summer Fair on July 16th which is why we thought you'd better start meeting the stallholders, so you can work out what you are going to save up for! First up is Mosaic Tree who make handcrafted accessories including mobile phone covers.

Hello, what is your name & business name?
Hi there. I’m Annie Connold and, together with Maggie Reilly, we are Mosaic Tree!

Dress up your mobile with Mosaic Tree's hand-knitted covers

What do you make/sell and why do you do it/what is your inspiration?
We make a selection of handcrafted accessories – the range currently includes mobile, Blackberry and iPod covers, baby hats and jewellery. We mainly use cotton rich wool with accents in sari silk yarn (some recycled) – this comes in incredible colours and these never ending combinations are the inspiration.

We love designing and creating and Mosaic Tree is the outlet for this. Mosaic Tree is growing and we are enjoying every moment of it.

Handknitted spiral necklace with tassel

Where are you based?
Somerset – we get to enjoy the best of both worlds, looking out on both the Levels and the Mendips.

Handknitted spiral broach with bead

What is the favourite thing that you sell and why?
My favourite items are the baby hats. I photograph teddy modelling them and he looks so cute that I can’t wait for a customer to buy it for the real thing!

Baby hat

What would you say your most value-for-money item is and how much is it?

Value for money items are definitely the mobile/blackberry/iPod covers, retailing at £6-£8. Each one is different, they’re fun and perform the important function of protecting your gadget – as well as making it look gorgeous too!

Purple mobile phone cover with spiral detail

Have you traded at “It’s darling!” before? If not how did you hear about “It’s darling!”? Have you ever been as a customer?

I first heard about Its Darling through the Folksy forums (this is the site hosting the Mosaic Tree on line shop). I got it touch and its gone from there. This will be my first time at It’s Darling Fair; however I’ve kept in touch through the “It’s Darling!” Facebook page and following the blog.

Rainbow Stripe baby hat

What's your favourite memory of Bath?

Having birthday brunch at the Pump Rooms in Bath with the string quartet playing in the background.

What would you say is “darling” in your life.
Our life in Somerset.

For more information about Mosaic Tree go to:

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