Saturday, 21 May 2011

Facebook - use of your photos - set your permissions

It is worth being aware that Facebook may wish to use your photos etc in the future in various ways. If you prefer for this not to happen, then you can set your account settings on your pesonal profile as follows:
Go to:
personal profile, account, account settings, facebook adverts, adverts shown by 3rd parties, edit 3rd party advert settings, set to:
Adverts shown by third parties – no one.
This is what facebook says:
Facebook does not give third party applications or advert networks the right to use your name or picture in adverts. If we allow this in the future, the setting you choose will determine how your information is used.
You may see social context on third party sites, including in adverts, through Facebook social plugins. Although social plugins enable you to have a social experience on a third party site, Facebook does not share your information with the third party sites hosting the social plugins. Learn more about social plugins.
If we allow this in the future, show my information to – then put in your chosen setting.

Please pass this information on.

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