Friday, 27 May 2011

The Crafty Network

This enterprising group of crafters have set up this great new Facebook page, The Crafty Network. 

In their own words:

"We are a trio of hardworking crafty ladies/mums who are looking to set up a Network of UK crafters & suppliers first by Facebook then via a website. Our aim is to build a network to promote and support other crafters/craft suppliers and event organisers. Provide and seek advice, hold competitions and generally showcase all the wonderful crafts/products/events out there.

Please pass the word, as our network grows, hopefully we can all benefit from it."

Attention has been paid to the content making it a useful and accessible resource for crafters.  I've been particularly impressed by the discussion pages which have been recently added.  One lists other facebook pages that promote the crafting community in various ways through networking.  As an enterprising crafter always on the lookout for promotional opportunities, I welcomed this addition and have already posted on several sites, showcasing Mosaic Tree to a wider audience.  All these opportunities that I've explored so far have been free which is another benefit.

To get in touch with them go to:

To find the networking link  - go to The Crafty Network facebook page, click on 'discussions' (in left hand menu) and click on Networking Pages.

Please spread the word about this fantastic resource.

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