Monday, 28 February 2011

Baby hats - the film!!!

Mosaic Tree has stepped into the age of multi media with a ....slideshow!  Its not really a film but maybe one day it will be!

Enjoy the photo selection here of baby hats for 0-6 months.  They're mainly made from cotton rich wool and there's an organic cotton rich wool one too.  They look very, very cute.  Handwash or cool wash.  Do get in touch to discuss your requirements if you'd like to commission one.

Check out and click on the baby hats section.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Going Local in Somerset

This is the first of a mini series looking at what Somerset, described as ‘the jewel of the South West’ (, has to offer both visitors and locals alike.  What is evident is that the local craft scene is thriving and that Somerset is the perfect place to be!

Destination Somerset

What do people know about Somerset?  Most will have heard of the Glastonbury Festival (which takes place at Worthy Farm, near Pilton Village just up the road from Glastonbury).  Or they may know it as a place on the map which they pass through on their way to Devon and Cornwall.

Exmoor National Park (


Somerset is a destination of epic scenery, dramatic coastline, stunning English countryside seaside resorts and historic places set deep in the heart of the South West of England.  (

Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (


Going Local

Mosaic Tree is based in Somerset.  Following some research on Folksy (, the UK based crafters website, it appears that there is as a thriving community of Somerset-based crafters.  All offer something very different and, over the next few weeks, you can get to meet some of them through the Mosaic Tree blog.


First up is an interview with Adam from Artyadz.

Please introduce yourself and tell us what brought you to Somerset?

Hello, my name is Adam Regester. I have been an artist and a crafts person all my life. I studied in London and have a Masters in Design and Design Management from Central St. Martins College. I recently spent 8 years living and working in Spain but have now returned to be near my family who live in Wells and Somerton.

"Love in a Box" - Funky abstract mixed media, original heart painting.  Tell us about your chosen craft.
My work has many contrasts because I enjoy a variety of crafts. I taught interior design, display, prop making and textiles in London colleges so I have a variety of skills and find it hard to stick to one thing. I have just started knitting and I love it! I studied recycling at university and I think that some of these elements are still visible in my work in the way that my pieces are built up in layers. This is most obvious in my papier mache items. My art work also illustrates this and I love to use mixed media and collage.
As well as selling through your Folksy shop, can your work be found in any other outlets in Somerset? My work is currently only for sale on line or by visiting me in person although I am intending to do some craft fairs this summer. I have two on line shops and my own web page plus a site which sells my paintings as prints. [see end of interview for where you can buy Adam’s work]

 Where does your inspiration come from?

"Mosaic Reflections" - An original abstract painting created using texture medium, paint, metal foils and varnish to create a mosaic effect.

My inspiration comes from great artists such as Gustav Klimt and Picasso and also from Mother Nature. I love painting landscapes and flowers and am greatly influenced by the beautiful landscapes of Somerset. I live near Glastonbury and recently created a mixed media landscape which included the Tor. I am going to paint a series of wild flowers and hedgerows this spring.
And finally, what's your favourite place in Somerset and why? I love the small traditional villages around Somerset such as Somerton. They are small, friendly and welcoming and Somerton has some lovely examples of local crafts in its galleries.
Adam’s work can be found at the following locations on line:

Folksy -
Etsy -
Prints -
Blog -
Facebook -

"Fine Art Paper Bowl in Lilac and Silver"

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Mother's Day gifts - even more to choose from!

Today's visual treat is even more beautiful spiral brooches which are ideal as Mother's Day presents.  All are 4cm - 5cm diameter.  Find them at and click on Mother's Day section.  Or click on the picture and it'll take you stright there - they're only a click away!!

This is the group photo and, as you can see, all are very individual - pick the perfect one to suit the person you have in mind!  I'm happy to take commissions if you have a particular colour combination......please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

And now, time to get to know them as individuals.....

First up is deep pink main body with garland border.

This little stunner is knitted in 4 ply cotton rich deep pink wool on size 3.25mm needles.  As everything is smaller (needle size) and thinner (wool thickness) than I generally use, I added an extra few rows which has given this one an extra later of 'ruffle' around the edge.  It is edged with garland wool, available from 21st Century Yarns.

Next up is pale blue, with sunset pink edging and a pewter colour button in the middle.  Giving this as a gift will be a bit like giving somoene a lovely flower.

This one is for the person who is attracted to strong colour and likes to stand out in the crowd.  Deep red with shades of ocean on the edge. 

And last, but by no means least, is the golden yellow main body with autumn shades edging, topped off with a pewter colour button.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mother's Day gifts - just listed

Are you an early bird wanting to find the perfect Mother's Day gift?  Well, one of these spiral brooches, newly listed, could be just the ticket.  £5.50 each (excl P&P), choose one knowing that it is unique.  They are also very light so will be easy to post.

Keep tuned to this blog as I'll be listing more over the coming days.  I'm also happy to take commissions.  Take a peek at  Enjoy!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

An introduction to the shop floor - handknitted mobile and blackberry phone covers

There’s nothing quite like having a cyber personal shopper to help show you around a shop and to tell you what things might appeal and why.

Today we’re going to take a look at that most personal of items that truly reflects your individuality…..

The mobile phone.

No wait.  One step before that……

Do you have a mobile phone or a blackberry (Mosaic Tree has yet to catch up with iPhones so bear with us!).

What does your choice of mobile phone or blackberry say about you?  Are you permanently plugged into it or is it stashed away in a safe place in your bag waiting for the day it swings in to action for an emergency call?  Whatever its role in your life, Mosaic Tree wants to help you make sure that it has the best possible quality of life – indeed, that it spends its working life in luxury and comfort……and that’s where the hand knitted mobile and blackberry covers come in.

Let’s take a closer look to see what’s on offer in Mosaic Tree…..

For the eco warrior with a heart - this blackberry cover is 100% organic cotton rich wool, in soft colours.

If you are more of a person for the staple wardrobe neutrals and the classic collection, then this one is for you.  Slate grey mobile phone cover with a lichen/rock spiral detail. 

And this one is all about being in touch wih your feminine side.  A gentle cable twist, pale pink with swirl button mobile phone cover. 

What would you be looking for in a mobile/blackberry cover?  And what would you like it to say about you?

Friday, 11 February 2011


RedBirdSupplies, who also has a shop on Folksy - - featured an interveiw with Annie from Mosaic Tree and it seemed to present the perfect opportunity to do some introductions. 

To read the rest of RedBirdSupplies blog please go to
This weeks featured seller is Annie from the Mosaic Tree

Tell us a bit about yourself - (where do you live, what's your name etc..) 
I’m Annie and I hail from Somerset and moved to this beautiful part of the world in 2008. Family life is full on as my partner and I have two children. We enjoy a work life balance by both working part time and then indulging our coffee habit whenever we get the chance! We’re living our dream now (albeit on a shoe string!) as we thought that we’d rather do it this way than wait until we retire. 

What do you make? 
One day, I plan to make a wide range of items using lots of different craft techniques… the moment I knit! I make baby hats, beaded knitted necklaces, spiral brooches and covers to keep your mobile, blackberry or iPod looking both cool, snuggly and scratch free. 

Why do you use that medium? 
Its partly for purely practical reasons – knitting fits in well with the general hubbub that is family life. I wanted to work with cotton rich wool as it is easy to work with and tends not to go ‘bobbly’ over time. It also come in a fantastic range of colours. 

When/ how did you start crafting? 

What do you love about your medium, what do you hate? 
Can I have 2 ‘loves’?! I love being creative and using colours as my inspiration…..and the feeling when someone loves what you’ve made. And I hate dropping stitches – it makes me mad! 

Where do you get your inspiration from? 
What to make is more straight forward – the necklaces started as I wanted to make a birthday gift for my sister, the first blackberry cover was a request. Inspiration for colour is more complex – a sunset sky, for example. Or it can be mundane – one colour theme that I use was the colour scheme in a holiday cottage that we stayed at! 

What is your favourite music to craft to? 
Its not my favourite piece of music…but the Eastenders theme tune does tend to crop up rather frequently! 

What is your favourite piece that you’ve made? 
This varies as it tends to be whichever baby hat the teddy (borrowed from my daughter!) is modelling. He always gets extra points for looking cute! 

Where do you do your crafting?
The sofa, the car on long journeys, waiting rooms – it is truly portable!

Christmas 2009. – My daughter had been given a children’s kniting book, a pair of half pint knitting needles and a ball of wool. I had a few days off and decided that now was the time I was going to teach myself to knit. Its grown from there. 

When did you start selling your stuff - where do you sell? 
I started selling on Folksy during 2010 – and I sell a few bits to family and friends. It’s mainly a hobby for me. 

Welcome to Mosaic Tree's blog

Welcome to Mosaic Tree’s blog – home of all things home crafted.  This is the space where you can get to know Annie and Maggie, the crafters, get regular updates from the shop front ( and get a peek behind the scenes.  It’ll be great to have an online Mosaic Tree community – please dive in and get involved.  We’ll love to hear your views, ideas and get feedback.