Sunday, 20 February 2011

Mother's Day gifts - even more to choose from!

Today's visual treat is even more beautiful spiral brooches which are ideal as Mother's Day presents.  All are 4cm - 5cm diameter.  Find them at and click on Mother's Day section.  Or click on the picture and it'll take you stright there - they're only a click away!!

This is the group photo and, as you can see, all are very individual - pick the perfect one to suit the person you have in mind!  I'm happy to take commissions if you have a particular colour combination......please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

And now, time to get to know them as individuals.....

First up is deep pink main body with garland border.

This little stunner is knitted in 4 ply cotton rich deep pink wool on size 3.25mm needles.  As everything is smaller (needle size) and thinner (wool thickness) than I generally use, I added an extra few rows which has given this one an extra later of 'ruffle' around the edge.  It is edged with garland wool, available from 21st Century Yarns.

Next up is pale blue, with sunset pink edging and a pewter colour button in the middle.  Giving this as a gift will be a bit like giving somoene a lovely flower.

This one is for the person who is attracted to strong colour and likes to stand out in the crowd.  Deep red with shades of ocean on the edge. 

And last, but by no means least, is the golden yellow main body with autumn shades edging, topped off with a pewter colour button.


  1. I really like that deep Pink and garland border colour combination...

  2. Oddsox - THank you for your comment. Yes, I love taking pics of them altogether - they look a bit like summer flowers when grouped.

    Sugarplum Kawaii - Yes, I like that one too. The shape and the colour combination.