Tuesday, 29 November 2011

3 top tips for fab craft stall displays

Here at Mosaic Tree, we've been busy with the Christmas season craft fairs, table top sales etc.  I thought I'd pass on some of my recently gleaned knowledge....

1) Keep It Simple - Also known as the Kiss principle! - This is with reference to labelling.  I have always had big laminated labels showing the item description, price and Mosaic Tree logo.  However, as I've added more choice of items over the past year, I've had to make more labels - and it ended up looking more like a sea of labels with the odd item dotted in between! 

The soloution - take some labels out (you can always tell the customer the price - plus sometimes they may like to look at the item, try it on and fall in love with it before knowing the cost!).  Put some labels flat - all of mine were vertical until then.  Make smaller labels - I'll be doing this for 2012. 

2) Diversify - Until this season, I had been creating mainly baby hats, necklaces, brooches and phone covers.  I did what I do very well but it does only appeal to a limited number of people.  Another stall holder suggested that I do hairbands earwarmers.  I took her advice and they have been an instant hit.  I've also started doing bigger spiral brooches with wooden beads in centre - in vogue at moment, look great on shawls, coats, bags etc - and the great price of £8 each (excl p&p).  These and the wooden beaded strap watches have both gone down well.

3) Manage your overheads - As we all know, some craft fairs work well for you, others less so.  I go to craft fairs where the cost of a stall is low - c£5 - £10.  This means that, no matter how much I sell on the day, I'm unlikely to be out of pocket - an important consideration in these lean times.

Please feel free to share your own craft fair tips. 

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